Airport Economics in Latin America and the Caribbean (Directions in Development)

Airport Economics in Latin America and the Caribbean (Directions in Development)

(Pdf free) Airport Economics in Latin America and the Caribbean (Directions in Development)

Snippet : Traditionally, air transport infrastructure in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) was exclusively under government ownership and management. Starting in the late 1990s, several Latin American countries implemented innovative public-private partnerships (PPP) that transferred the financing and management of air transport sector infrastructure to the private sector. This book presents the findings of a first-ever, comprehensive study of how LAC region airports have evolved during this notable period of transition in airport ownership. It is an unbiased, positive analysis of what happened, rather than a normative analysis of what should be done to reform the airport sector or to attract private participation. It takes the first step in response to the need for more conclusive information about the influence of airport ownership on economic performance. The book is centered around the study of three dimensions of performance: productive efficiency, institutional set up for the governance of the sector, and financing of airport PPPs.Using rigorous analytical tools, this book answer a series of key questions to evaluate the introduction of private sector participation in the Latin American airport sector: Are LAC airports technically efficient? How has efficiency evolved in the last decade? Are privately-run airports more efficient than state-operated airports? How do independent regulators compare with government agencies in accountability, transparency, and autonomy? How has the level and structure of aeronautical tariffs changed in recent years? The main audience of this book are air transport practitioners, transport regulators, decisionmakers in transport ministries, and PPP units and academics.

Waste is material info. Landfills are detailed data of on a regular basis consumption and behavior; much of what we all know in regards to the distant past we all know from discarded objects unearthed by archaeologists and interpreted by historians. And but the systems and infrastructures that process our waste often remain opaque. In this guide, Dietmar Offenhuber examines waste from the attitude of information, contemplating emerging practices and applied sciences for making waste programs legible and the way the resulting datasets and visualizations form infrastructure governance. He does so by taking a look at three waste tracking and participatory sensing initiatives in Seattle, São Paulo, and Boston.

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