Corporate Public Affairs: Interacting With Interest Groups, Media, and Government (Routledge Communication Series)

Corporate Public Affairs: Interacting With Interest Groups, Media, and Government (Routledge Communication Series)

(Mobile ebook) Corporate Public Affairs: Interacting With Interest Groups, Media, and Government (Routledge Communication Series)

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Snippet : Corporate Public Affairs explores the increasing interest in public affairs by today’s organizations. Lerbinger indicates that more and more frequently corporations are establishing public affairs positions–typically within public relations departments–to respond to issues and concerns arising out of the sociopolitical environment in which the corporation functions. He articulates the functions and responsibilities of the public affairs role, and investigates the approaches to dealing with primary constituencies–interest groups, media, and government.Divided into five parts, this book:*provides an overview of the corporate public affairs function;*explores strategies of the myriad interest groups in the United States, such as labor unions and environmental, consumer, women’s, and human rights groups;*recognizes the media’s increasing coverage of business events, especially negative ones, that have tremendous power both to undermine corporate credibility and to support public policy positions;* deals with legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government; and*raises the question of how corporate power strategies have affected the political marketplace.This book will appeal to advanced-level students, scholars, and practitioners in public relations and business fields.