The Essential Job Interview Handbook

The Essential Job Interview Handbook

[Mobile book] The Essential Job Interview Handbook

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Book Note : ldquo;The Essential Job Interview Handbook is a realistic guide that gives every job-seeker all the tools, skills, and answers you will need to impress any potential employer and rise above the competition.rdquo;mdash;Ron Fry, best-selling author of 101 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questionsldquo;[This] not only provides you with multiple ways to answer key questions, but also helps you understand why the questions are being asked and what goes intonbsp;hiring managersrsquo; decisions.nbsp;You will consult this book over and over!rdquo;mdash;John Beauregard, executive director, Eastern CT Workforce Investment BoardEven with a fairly detailed job description or a briefing by a knowledgeable recruiter, job candidates rarely have all the tools they need to ace their interviews. This is one of the reasons why interviews are so harrowingmdash;we have to pay close attention to what wersquo;re told, what wersquo;re not told, and the many non-verbal signals we receive. In addition, many people who conducts the interviews arenrsquo;t well-prepared, havenrsquo;t been trained in interviewing, and often donrsquo;t even like the process.The Essential Job Interview Handbook will help job seekers prepare effectively for interviews and become familiar with different types of interview questions and styles of interviews. A unique feature of this book is the multiple answers it provides for each question, rated good, better, and best; with this feature, yoursquo;ll learn what makes a winning answer and understand the strategy behind it.Whether yoursquo;re just finishing school or have been working a long time, The Essential Job Interview Handbook will give you all the powerful tools you need to not just get a job, but to get the right one.